10 Things To Be Considered While Food Delivery App Development

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Important factors to be considered while planning for food delivery app development

With restaurant culture getting popular everyday, prominence usage of food delivery apps among the millennials is increasing and obviously so.

Another reason why people tend to use a food delivery app is that not everybody likes to dine out and many prefer to stay at home for having food at their own leisure, especially when it’s a weekend and you’ve planned a movie night, then ordering food via food delivery app seems so convenient. This is especially useful for the working population who crave for food varieties but do not get time due to hectic work schedules or elder people who face a hard time moving out of their home.

What are the key considerations for a successful food delivery app?

  1. Simple user interface for easy navigation user experience
easy to navigate user flow of food delivery app for customer for better user experience
Prototyping the use flow
  • Users should be able to follow the view list of restaurants, menus, assigned delivery resource, order status, track order on the way through an aesthetic layout.
  • The contact details of restaurants, customers and delivery should be pre-set to communicate in case of queries. This enables restaurants and delivery staff to be in constant touch with one another.
  • Easy submission of Ratings and reviews by users upon receiving an order.

2. Real time ordering and tracking has to be a prime consideration

Easy steps to order food online with food delivery app, real-time order tracking, live order status update
  • Users are at liberty to order their food easily at any point of time from available restaurants and will be able to track order status in real time.
  • Customers, restaurants, and delivery resources can live track the orders.

3. Search bar to find the restaurants based on preferences with filter and sort features

narrow down your restaurant/dish search by applying relevant filters to get accurate search result.
  • A Powerful Search bar to list the restaurants based on location with further preferences based on cuisine, area, ratings and reviews, and vegan/non-vegan preferences.
  • Using filters & sorting, a user should be able to narrow down the search of an ideal restaurant for himself.

4. Range of Secure Payment options

multiple payment methods integration in food delivery app for easy & quick online payment & food ordering.
  • Payment Integration, offering multiple options through net-banking, cards, UPI, wallets, cash on delivery (COD), and more.
  • Online transactions should be securely encrypted for users to make online payments and delivery users to receive it. Restaurants should too be able to send and receive payments using secure payment gateways.

5. Track previous orders from the log of order history

view order histories from your previous orders, bookmark your favorite orders for food delivery app to remember your choice in case of repeat the same order or order food from same restaurant.
  • Order history provides access to important data to restaurants on what items in their menus are driving the major sales and their customer’s interest, which helps them modify their menu & strategy accordingly.
  • This allows customers to view their previous orders in case of referring to others or repeating the same order instead of searching for the specific item again.

6. Offers and Discounts

promotional offers with discounts on orders, welcome discount, customer loyalty points, sale or festive discounts.
  • A small get together or a grand birthday or promotion treat, on every occasion, all that your users are looking for is A Money Saving Deal on orders which are more beneficial than visiting restaurants and ordering the food. This escalates the restaurant sale considerably.
  • Discounts should be applied automatically during the checkout and offer & promo codes should be available at a time of payment procedure for users to select the relevant offer.

7. Push notifications

in-app push notifications for timely order status update from restaurants to customers, promotional notifications, delivery status update
  • In-app push notification to notify customers regarding order confirmation & status, delivery updates like order is picked up, delivery resource is arrived at the restaurant.
  • The same way it keeps restaurants updated about the received orders, order status, details of assigned driver details on orders, delivery status, order payments.

8. Allow potential but limited restaurant & delivery partners registration on your app

allow other restaurants to bring their business on online platform, increase potential network of restaurants that improve your food app reliability
  • In order to make the app stand out, instead of allowing too many restaurant & delivery resources to register on your app, app owners should restrict the process to quality and not overload the app.
  • The restaurants & delivery partners must have a strict policy for customers to avoid unnecessary complaints from customers such as order cancellation, late delivery, delivery, payment & refund hassles.

9. Handling multiple orders at a single time

  • With increasing competitors offering route optimization solutions, it is hard to withstand the competition with the affordable price. The most critical aspect is being able to say yes to multiple orders at a time and a lightning fast delivery pace all at once.
  • This can be a great boost since in-time order delivery is what users expect and saves your business.

10. SEO friendly app

  • Increasing competition of food delivery apps, Search Engine Optimization is always challenging enough for companies offering route optimization solutions.
  • Should you target food delivery within a city, state or across the country?

It is a tough job to rank within a search engine, maintaining organic search with on-page, off-page app content. Besides the optimization, it is also required to build up a strong appearance of an app on social media.

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Switching to food delivery business online starts with food delivery app development for iOS & Android platforms but it isn’t enough. It requires a critical analysis and through targeting with a continuous effort of optimizing and upgrading the app based on customer & market requirement with multiple iterations of test benches. If you think there are many things at a time on your plate, let us do all the hard work.

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