How Customer satisfaction surveys or feedback is important?

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3 min readDec 29, 2020


This article I’m writing after learning/meeting a series of experts focused on the “customer satisfaction survey” field.

Customer satisfaction is an important part of the entire business lifecycle.

Treating your customers like a King will always revert back to you with more business.

Customer Surveying is an important part of any business post-sales or service.

Customer feedback and follow-up action can also lead to new products, new services, price rationalization, reduction in cost and more compliments.

Customer satisfaction is not only on after-sales or service but satisfaction to the customer is equally important from first time meeting leads(prospects) to become a valued customer

Customer engagement tools are also important to closely monitor the project development process with customers.

There are popular online #CRM tools widely used to connect with customers like,




There is a total of 6 key elements for customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction Elements

Some of the important key elements to strengthen to improve customer satisfaction as,

As you know it will really improve bonding with the customer if customer satisfaction at every level of the business lifecycle as per the above table.

Nowadays many of your customers are at a remote location so meeting face to face with customers is very hard so there is some way to connect with customers,

  • Wishes to customer on birthday or anniversary
  • Send regular survey email to get feedback.
  • There are many survey tools available in the market
  • Survey Monkey
  • CRMTiger Survey tools
  • SuiteCRM Dynamic forms
  • Weekly call with customers without any hesitation about asking feedback for ongoing work

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