How to secure your MEAN stack app for the future?

Always use HTTPS

As in past days, the certification process was very complex and cost consuming. So, many developers have resisted getting the certificate which was so risky for both the parties. Nowadays a developer can get SSL/TLS certificate at zero cost as well.

Preventing XSS & Request Forgery

Many problems based on Cross-Site Request Forgery & Cross-Site Scripting causes major frauds and other difficulties in web applications. It’s a myth that the chosen server & framework will robotically identify XSS & CSRF.

Preventing SQL Injections

MEAN stack applications (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS) are becoming increasingly popular as lightweight, easily deployable frameworks due to a vast ecosystem of middleware plugins and dependencies. But just how secure are these technologies?

Security in Web API Authentication

RESTful Web APIs are great because they are logically simple, they don’t keep complex states in memory, they deal with resources (instead of dealing with loose, unconnected functions) making their entire business logic cohesive.

What is a JWT

JSON Web Tokens are an open and standard (RFC 7519) way for you to represent your user’s identity securely during a two-party interaction. That is to say, when two systems exchange data you can use a JSON Web Token to identify your user without having to send private credentials on every request.

JWT Security



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