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Why Do People Expect Automation ?

No matter whether customers are buying in a store, paying bills, or changing airline reservations if a customer is interacting with a company, they expect a consistent, personalized experience.

For example, when a customer needs to replace her credit card, the average service agent needs to know a bunch of things. Is it damaged, lost, or stolen? If it’s stolen, is she worried about recent transactions? Where should we send the new card? Serving a customer in this situation and collecting and maintaining related data can involve separate systems with varying degrees of complexity.

Automation Used to Be Hard

Providing a consistent, automated customer experience has historically been challenging, time-consuming, and code-heavy. Depending on the precise nature of your business processes, you may have had to:

  • Integrate various systems.
  • Configure process logic.
  • Design and build an end-user experience.
  • Make the UI experience available from anywhere: desktop or mobile devices, apps, or external portals.

Salesforce CRM provides a powerful tool called Process Builder that enables us to automate these use cases and many more through simple configurations without the need for coding skills.

How does the Process Builder work?

  • Lightning Process Builder or simply Process Builder allows us to automate business processes that contain multiple if/then statements.
  • It also provides a visual representation of your process and an easy to use UI to build your processes. Process Builder primarily consists of Entry criteria and Actions (Immediate and Scheduled that are included in Actions Groups) to be executed when the criteria are met.
  • The possible actions through Process Builder are to create records (related to the Record triggering the Process Builder), Email Alert, Launch a Flow, Post to Chatter, Quick Action, Submit for Approval, Quip, Send Custom Notification, Apex, Processes, and Update Record(s).

For Example, Let say You want to create an order record when the opportunity is closed won and the amount is greater than 50000$.

Step 1:Log into your Salesforce account, go to Setup, and search for Process Builder

Step 2: Click on New to create a new Process Builder

Step 3: Enter Process Name as Order Creation and give it a description as Stage=Closed Won? And Amount > 50000$. Now, from the drop-down menu, choose A record changes. After that hit Save.

Step 4: Now, this is the basic design of what a Process Builder in Salesforce looks like

Step 5: Click on Add Object and Select the object name as Opportunity and the option to start the process as when a record is created or edited, and then click on Save

Step 6: Now, select Add Criteria. In Criteria Name, enter Stage = Closed Won? And Amount>50000$ and

  • The criteria should execute actions when the conditions are met.
  • set the condition as follows

Row 1:

Field: Opportunity | Stage

Operator: Equals

Type: Picklist

Value: Closed Won

Row 2:

Field: Opportunity | Amount

Operator: Greater than

Type: Currency


  • Select All of the conditions are met (AND).

After filling in all the details as per the image below, click on Save

Step 7: In this step, you will add your actions that will be performed when a criterion is met. To do that, click on Immediate Actions. When you see the form on the right-hand side, fill in the details. After filling in all the details as per the image below, click on Save

The following image shows how your process flow diagram looks like after updating Immediate Actions. Click on Activate, by clicking on it your process will be activated.

Test: Create /update opportunity with closed-won and amount greater than 50000 and check order gets created for that opportunity.

CANNOT do with Process Builder:

  • Deleting Records
  • Outbound Messages
  • Updating Unrelated Records


Process Builder has its advantages and a few limitations to it as well. It is very important to understand the capability of it to decide whether a specific use case fits for it. When used in combinations with other tools(like flow), we can automate more complex business processes.



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